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Back by popular demand, the Youth CoEd Sand Volleyball Tournament will take place on Tuesday, July 4th beginning at 4pm!


Age groups for 23-24 school year:

5-6th grade

7th-8th grade

High school


  • You can play up, but not down. For example, a 4th grade can play with 5th-6th, but a 9th grader cannot play with 7th-8th. 

  • 6 players on the court - 2 male and 2 female have to be on the court at all times (the other two can be female and/or male)

  • Court rules instead of traditional beach rules.  (You can tip over the net)

  • Players need to call themselves on things like lifts, double hits (except the first contact), and out of bounds on your side, etc. 

  • One game to 21, win by 2, capped at 25.  There will be a flip scoreboard to keep track of points.

  • Round robin format.  If there is a tie, overall point difference will win.


  • $40/team due by June 30th.

  • Registration Form


  • Please submit registration and waiver forms to or mail to:

    • Celebrate Indee​ Attn: Youth Volleyball PO Box 366 Independence, IA 50644 ​​

    • Checks to Celebrate Indee

    • Cash

    • Venmo: @CelebrateIndee

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